RengiTrevor offers
multidisciplinary services.

We have the experience and technical knowledge to help
your company achieve the best business
results. Get to know our specialties in auditing,
tax and contribution review, business
consulting, process management and outsourcing.

Audit of Financial Statements

Having financial statements reviewed by independent auditors creates business credibility, helps to place your company on the radar of investors, and makes it easier to obtain credit.

How we can help: RengiTrevor has its own work methodology, which complies with international auditing standards, ensuring a high standard of quality in the review of financial statements.

Review of Taxes and Contributions

The complex tax and social security legislation may harm business margins and not make entrepreneurs profitable. Monitoring the calculation of taxes, complying with the appropriate legislation for the activity and making use of all available tax credits and benefits are decisive factors to remain competitive in the market.

How we can help: RengiTrevor provides specialized services in compliance with federal, state and municipal legislation to ensure the correct assessment of taxes and contributions and the identification of opportunities to reduce the tax burden.

Business Consulting and Advice

Identify results by business segments, have key processes such as sales and purchases well-structured and in full operation, ensure efficient management of inventory, correct costing and formation of sales prices. Businesses are not perennial or fail to offer profitability when adequate policies and controls are not applied to control and prevent fraud.

How we can help: RengiTrevor analyzes and delivers diagnoses on the management and structure of internal controls and their effectiveness. We offer suggestions for improvement, risk mitigation and determination of the impact that deficiencies can bring to the business.

Processes Management and Outsourcing

Internal processes may require important resources of the organization, such as the dedication of key people to routines not related to the main business activity. Segregating administrative processes with less impact on the activity is an efficient solution to increase productivity and profitability of the business.

How we can help: RengiTrevor offers process management and outsourcing services, such as: financial management of payments and receipts, cash flow control, preparation of financial statements, tax management, payroll and benefits and other activities.